Aerorock ID-VP_50

Category: Panel/Roll
Type: Thermal insulation
Application area: External wall,

Product for thermal insulation made with an Aerowool rigid panel (rockwool + aerogel), coated on one side with a gypsum fiber layer, with the interposition of a vapor control element

Main Materials

aerowool (rock wool + aerogel)


Length (m) 1.200
Width (m) 0.600
Depth (m) 0.050

Standard Reference

EuroClass Fire B-s1, d0
Reference Service Life (years) 30

Thermal Transmittance (W/(m2K)): 2.631

Layer: aerowool (rock wool + aerogel)

Vapour resistance (μ)
Conductivity of materials (W/(mK)) 0.019
Thermal resistance of materials (m2K)/W
Thickness of materials (m) 0.050
Density of materials (kg/m3)
Specific Heat of materials J/(kgK)
Layer EuroClass Fire A1
Functional Unit [-]
Global Warming [kg CO2, eq]
Acidification [kg SO2, eq]
Eutrophication [kg PO4--- eq]
Ozone Layer Depletion [kg CFC-11 eq]
Photochemical Oxidation [kg NMVOC]
Abiotic Depletion, elements [kg Sb eq]
Abiotic Depletion, fossil fuels [MJ]

An LCA has been performed by Stress and the dataset has been modelled with the help of Simapro 9.1 and Ecoinvent v3.6

Function Unit [-]
Selling price
Construction/Installation Cost
Yearly maintenance costs