226 Panel_120

Category: Panel/Roll
Type: Thermo-acoustic insulation
Application area: External wall,

Uncoated rock wool rigid panel in medium density, for thermal and acoustic insulation of perimeter walls.

Main Materials

rock wool


Length (m) 1.200
Width (m) 0.600
Depth (m) 0.120

Standard Reference

EuroClass Fire A1
Reference Service Life (years) 30

Thermal Transmittance (W/(m2K)): 0.294

Layer: rock wool

Vapour resistance (μ) 1.0
Conductivity of materials (W/(mK)) 0.035
Thermal resistance of materials (m2K)/W 3.400
Thickness of materials (m) 0.120
Density of materials (kg/m3) 60
Specific Heat of materials J/(kgK) 1030
Layer EuroClass Fire A1
Functional Unit [m2]
Global Warming [kg CO2, eq] 7.8812
Acidification [kg SO2, eq] 0.0546516
Eutrophication [kg PO4--- eq] 0.00503234
Ozone Layer Depletion [kg CFC-11 eq] 9.2378E-9
Photochemical Oxidation [kg NMVOC]
Abiotic Depletion, elements [kg Sb eq] 2.68736E-6
Abiotic Depletion, fossil fuels [MJ] 87.856

An LCA has been performed by Stress and the dataset has been modelled with the help of Simapro 9.1 and Ecoinvent v3.6

Function Unit [€/m2]
Selling price 13.79
Construction/Installation Cost 2.76
Yearly maintenance costs 0.00