Naturalia Bau
Category: Material
Type: Thermo-acoustic insulation
Application area: Internal wall, External wall, Floor, Ground, Roof,

NATURAFLOC is the thermal insulation by blowing in cellulose fibers, recycled, and represents the ideal product to complete the classic insulation systems. The soft cellulose fibers are blown into compartments under pressure and adapt exactly to every shape, in order to have a complete isolation up to the most hidden corners.

Main Materials

cellulose flakes


Length (m) -
Width (m) -
Depth (m) -

Standard Reference

EuroClass Fire E
Reference Service Life (years) 30

Thermal Transmittance (W/(m2K)):

Layer: cellulose flakes

Vapour resistance (μ) 3.0
Conductivity of materials (W/(mK)) 0.037
Thermal resistance of materials (m2K)/W
Thickness of materials (m)
Density of materials (kg/m3) 38
Specific Heat of materials J/(kgK) 2110
Layer EuroClass Fire E
Functional Unit [kg]
Global Warming [kg CO2, eq] 0.49
Acidification [kg SO2, eq] 0.00356
Eutrophication [kg PO4--- eq] 0.0011
Ozone Layer Depletion [kg CFC-11 eq] 3.63E-8
Photochemical Oxidation [kg NMVOC]
Abiotic Depletion, elements [kg Sb eq] 5.25E-5
Abiotic Depletion, fossil fuels [MJ] 5.77

An LCA has been performed by Stress and the dataset has been modelled with the help of Simapro 9.1 and Ecoinvent v3.6

Function Unit [€/m3]
Selling price 161.25
Construction/Installation Cost 32.25
Yearly maintenance costs 0.00