Recycletherm Km0 50.100

Manifatture Maiano
Category: Panel/Roll
Type: Thermo-acoustic insulation
Application area: Internal wall, External wall, Floor, Roof,

Thermo-acustic insulation panel made of recycled textile fibers. It is a material characterized by a very low environmental impact. The "Manifattura Maiano" Manufacture transforms into thermoacoustic panels the fibers coming from the processing waste of the nearby industries of the Prato textile district and from the recycling of textile products that have reached their end-of-life. The production process is also highly sustainable since the raw materials, sterilized at 180°C, are processed without the use of water, chemicals or adhesives. At the end of its life the product is 100% recyclable.

Main Materials

Recycled textile fiber wool


Length (m) 1.200
Width (m) 0.600
Depth (m) 0.100

Standard Reference

EuroClass Fire E
Reference Service Life (years) 30

Thermal Transmittance (W/(m2K)): 0.357

Layer: Recycled textile fiber wool

Vapour resistance (μ) 2.2
Conductivity of materials (W/(mK)) 0.036
Thermal resistance of materials (m2K)/W 2.800
Thickness of materials (m) 0.100
Density of materials (kg/m3) 50
Specific Heat of materials J/(kgK)
Layer EuroClass Fire E
Functional Unit [m2]
Global Warming [kg CO2, eq] 3,94E+00
Acidification [kg SO2, eq]
Eutrophication [kg PO4--- eq]
Ozone Layer Depletion [kg CFC-11 eq]
Photochemical Oxidation [kg NMVOC]
Abiotic Depletion, elements [kg Sb eq]
Abiotic Depletion, fossil fuels [MJ]

An LCA has been performed by Stress and the dataset has been modelled with the help of Simapro 9.1 and Ecoinvent v3.6

Function Unit [€/m2]
Selling price 16.20
Construction/Installation Cost 3.24
Yearly maintenance costs 0.00